How Can I Build A Passive Income Strategy From Scratch -

How Can I Build A Passive Income Strategy From Scratch

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Has it ever occurred to you to look for ways to earn extra money? You have probably answered, yes, right? 

It’s a generally-held belief that to earn extra money, you’ll need to work many hours a day and give up many things (such as being with the family, playing sports or just having fun).

And it happens more than we’d like. If you decide to take a job at night to have another income source, you’ll have less time to do the things you love – and be with the people you love.

That’s why you need to consider building a passive income stream.

What are some examples of passive income?

Some examples of passive income include; trading bitcoins, stock trading, affiliate marketing, starting a blog, selling products and services, answering surveys online, and many more.

Beginner passive income

There are several options for you if you want to receive more money without working exhaustively for it.

They are called passive income, which represents an excellent option for all those who wish to increase their financial resources without losing their quality of life.

So here’s a complete step by step approach on how you can start generating passive income without having to retire from your primary job. 

What is passive income?

Passive income streams don’t depend on your time, effort or presence, to open a great path to your bank account, since they are generated automatically 24 hours a day, seven days a week without you being there or working hard for it.

Simply put, it is that  income that you get without having to spend time doing a job, and they come to you through assets or projects, services or products that, after an initial investment (either time or money), generate income by themselves, regularly and automatically.

Passive income strategies

The best passive income streams result from jobs that you do only once, and that can continue to generate income over time, without having to make great efforts to achieve it.

Some strategies include:

Start a Blog

One of the strategies of building a passive income is to start a blog. Blogging can bring a great deal of income, but it won’t be quick. Blogging takes time and effort to build to make it successful.

Doesn’t matter what niche you choose to write on, as long as you have a clear understanding of things like search engine optimization, social media marketing, and the ability to write quality content, you will be successful with your blog.

When the blog eventually becomes famous, it presents you with a platform and audience to generate other income sources such as promoting relevant products and services to your readers, and also selling e-books.

Passive Income Ideas for 2020

Put Your House on the Airbnb Marketplace

If you have a property, you can rent it out by turning it into an Airbnb. Every week you can pull in some cash without spending much time or effort.

Write An E-book and Watch the Royalties Pile Up

If you publish a book on Amazon or other publishing sites, you will receive royalties on your copyrighted material as long as the publisher makes sales from it.

Receive Commissions for Sales of Your Artistic Work 

If you’re a decent photographer, you can upload your images to sites like Shutter Stock and earn money for every purchase.

Create Products and Services  

Another strategy to build a passive income is to create a course, guide that will answer people’s questions and solve their problems.

This will in turn to generate passive income for you as time goes on, however, this strategy will require hard work at the beginning, but will automatically pick up as time goes on and you get it right.

Create a ‘Funnel’ to Attract Sales of Your Product  

If you are not using a traditional model, you will need to attract people to your product in order to generate income online passively.

You can use blogs, guest posting, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and a thousand other tools to drive them in front of your target audience who will then buy.

Does Passive Income Really Work?

Yes passive income really works; if you already have a job and do not want to leave it, you can choose passive income to earn extra money and fulfill any other wish you have, such as buying a house, taking a trip, or merely investing your financial resources so that they multiply.

Since they do not require so much time from you, you will keep your job, and you will not need to give up anything that you like to do.

Passive Income for Beginners                            

For beginners, passive income can give you more time to yourself and to dedicate your time to other things. If you want to dedicate yourself exclusively to passive income, you can decide what hours you will work. You can decide to ration the time you wish to work without wearing yourself out.

For instance, if you are a person who concentrates better at night, you can use the day to do other activities and focus on your projects at night, without stressing yourself.

The key is that you can generate money at the same time that you fulfill other obligations.

If you are a mother or father who wants to take care of children, you can adapt your routine to theirs, having more time to take them to school, to the doctor, sports training or going to watch their games.

Does a Passive Income Strategy Really Work?

Passive income works, but you’ll have to work hard at the beginning to be able to reach the point where it’s generated month by month almost automatically.

Passive Income Opportunities

There are so many passive income opportunities online such as selling information, affiliate marketing, drop shipping, rental income, peer-to-peer lending, dividends from stocks and so much more.

You just have to open your eyes and search through the internet to discover these opportunities.

The Benefits of Passive Income

Have you realized that some months are costly to travel? For example, the days of summer and holidays (like Christmas) are usually the most expensive times to travel. 

Yet, that’s when everyone wants to go sightseeing because that’s when they have vacations.

If you only dedicate yourself to passive income, you can travel during the low season, saving much money and having a much more pleasant experience in less wild and disorganized places.

You Are Your Own Boss

When you have additional income sources like those that have been discussed here, you can be your boss. 

That means that you decide the strategies you will use in your business and control your own time and pace. You can also choose where to work (at home, in a cafeteria, or even in a park).

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