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greenwood digital bank

Why Is Searching For Greenwood Digital Bank So Hot

Financial technology—Fintech— is rapidly taking hold in financial markets as customers are turning towards monetary services that are strictly carried out online. Many say such services have proven to be more user-friendly, personalized and faster.

The goal of Fintech is to make banking much easier and to give customers the … Read the article

what makes a bank good for you

Are Smart Investors Targeting China in 2020

Investors Are Eyeing Chinese Markets As Pandemic Recovery Inspires Confidence

The US and China trade war is another challenge which has rocked the national economy, but the deal has just recently entered phase one.

Recent activity indicators show that China is beginning to return to normalcy, while the rest of … Read the article

Fed Promises Framework To Control Inflation

A new strategic plan to control inflation has been announced, with the U.S Federal Reserve introducing a controversial framework for regulating and controlling monetary policies.

Last month, the Fed introduced an unconventional plan – raising the rate of inflation.

The move was undertaken to make sure more jobs are created.… Read the article

Our Comprehensive List of the Safest Banks in the World

The Healthiest Banks Outside the US

We’ve come up with a rating of the World’s Safest Banks by combining data that utilizes the foreign currency debt information from Fitch, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.

Our methodology is based on data gathered during 2019 and shows increases in capital buffers, likely … Read the article

mortgage forbearance CARES ACT

What is Mortgage Forbearance

What is forbearance? As it applies to the mortgage process, it’s an agreement between a lender and a borrower to delay a foreclosure.

While the literal definition of forbearance is ‘holding back’, in practice it means something more akin to ‘taking a break’ and does not mean that the borrower … Read the article

The Pandemic Winners and Losers

As small businesses and service providers struggle to find a way through the economic agonies imposed by the coronavirus outbreak, some concerns are flourishing.

A few are even outstripping their expectations and reporting healthy profits.

Online retailers (Amazon being the most prominent example), streaming entertainment services like Netflix and Disney … Read the article

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