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Fed Promises Framework To Control Inflation

A new strategic plan to control inflation has been announced, with the U.S Federal Reserve introducing a controversial framework for regulating and controlling monetary policies.

Last month, the Fed introduced an unconventional plan – raising the rate of inflation.

The move was undertaken to make sure more jobs are created.

Most of reaction to the move was negative, and many accused the agency of being insensitive, lazy, and unconcerned about the current state of the economy.

Those critics believe the agency’s framework could potentially usher in a lot more problems than are currently being dealt with.

Fed President Esther George said “I interpret the revised consensus system as a tolerance, and less as a promise to engineer.”

However, the minutes of their September meeting showed that there were a lot of different opinions to this new policy.

Many professional analysts below this is an unwise policy, and could further worsen the inflation.

Other people think this is a very lazy way to approach it all, further slamming the Fed agency.

They believe this approach could make things worse, and make the standard of living worse for people.

However, the Fed has advised all to be patient on the matter, due to the pandemic.

The Bank President also said more regulations and information on the new policy needs to be given out and understood by many to work.

She also said that any asset bought by the bank would be closely monitored and be known to the public in full detail.

This is to bring about active participation and involvement of the public and for transparency sake.

They believe that the type of bonds and assets bought by the bank could make the difference in ensuring the U.S economy gets back on its feet.

However, U.S central bankers have made a consensus to instead come up with their own new approach to monetary policies.

They believe that the current framework suggested by the Fed is insensitive and would not work in stopping inflation. 

Most of the U.S bankers agreed to provide more explicit outcome based forward guidance for the federal funds rate, which they believe would reform the economy and improve the inflation.

In the September 15-16 meeting the Fed had, the minutes stated that they intended to also adopt the central banker’s approach because it is similar to what their plan is.

The bankers promised to keep interest rates around all states low until people begin to get jobs again and inflation is reduced, as they planned.

The minutes also showed that they share the concerns of the public. They are aware of the massive inflation rate that is affecting the country now, and they are also aware of how it is affecting families on a large scale.

They stated that they keep themselves updated on all the current issues going on, including the infamous downsizing rate.

The Fed expressed that most companies do not have a choice, as they have to cut costs to keep their business afloat and did not wish for the Pandemic to happen. Therefore, the companies aren’t to be blamed for the downsizing.

Although a fair amount of companies are planning to rehire when the pandemic is over, another good amount plan to permanently downsize staff.

They do not see themselves recovering from the recession in a long time, and as a measure to recover them quicker, they choose to permanently retire certain job positions. Some are also cutting product costs.

Economists and analysts have expressed their level of skepticism to the statements made by the Fed.

Federal Open Market Committee participants have made known the issues they have with it, saying that the Fed is still not clear on its course of action.

By allowing inflation to continue on, it is not only bad for the economy, but it is also insensitive for U.S citizens, as most have been laid off from work since the pandemic started.

More people are filing for Jobless claim every day, and the government has made it clear that they cannot give out any other relief packages due to the budget allocations and the current state they are in.

On Wednesday, the Fed released another piece of information, this information was a detailed research conducted by a top research expert at the agency.

Its inference was that the central bank could play a big role in the economy’s recovery if its bond holdings get increased by another $3.5 trillion.

 The Fed believe that due to the terrible circumstances that led to the economy’s regression, bonds prices need to be about  30% of the GDP($6.5 trillion), to be able to positively affect the economy and get it back on track.

The GDP has taken a massive hit because of the pandemic this year, affecting all industries like Entertainment, Travel and airlines, and Fashion. Increasing bond prices would be a good place to start in helping the economy.

The Fed chairman John Powell gave an interview, where he cautioned against arguments, saying that the U.S economy right now is “uncertain.”

He said that when fights keep going on about the policies they are suggesting, they are going to be blindsided to the further regression of the economy.

Currently, 840,000 people have all filed jobless claims, and there are a lot of speculations on if that figure would increase or decrease.

Most people believe that this is a sign that a further plunge of the economy is in sight.

In addition, over 400,000 self-employed people have recently filed for unemployment benefits, and as there’s no telling when this pandemic will end, the outcome of the Fed’s plan remains unclear.

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