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Sandra Royal is a financial analyst, writer and editor.

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This Is How to Understand Your Credit Report

In financial terms, your credit history is essentially a query which reveals how a person spends money, expenditures and it documents how debts are incurred an to who those debts are owed.

Potential employers and money lenders can use your credit report to ascertain if you’d be an acceptable risk … Read the article

what is a bank holiday

What the Various Elements of Your Credit Score Mean

Every lender or lending establishment wants to ensure that they’re making a sound decision by offering lending services to prospective clients. But It’s a borrower’s responsibility to convince lenders they’re trustworthy enough to handle repayment of a loan or credit card.

This is where “credit scores” come into play.

Banks … Read the article

what makes a bank ideal

What Makes A Bank Ideal For You

With the onset of technological innovation, banking has become much more diverse, and many other new banks have given opportunities to customers for more loan offerings and better services. Automation has been integrated into banks, and transactions now happen in seconds.

However, with these new solutions come different problems. With … Read the article

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