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How You Should Invest A Small Inheritance

Once you know what to do with the money from an inheritance (and you also know the steps to follow) the procedures, and necessary paperwork -especially the impact of the inheritance tax – you should be well on the way of knowing how to invest this money if you decide … Read the article

Fed Promises Framework To Control Inflation

A new strategic plan to control inflation has been announced, with the U.S Federal Reserve introducing a controversial framework for regulating and controlling monetary policies.

Last month, the Fed introduced an unconventional plan – raising the rate of inflation.

The move was undertaken to make sure more jobs are created.… Read the article

first time home buyer advice

What Do I Need to Know As a First Time Homebuyer

There are several home purchaser services and grants available to support you with incentives such as lower down payments and closing costs for the first purchase of the house. We also rounded up some of the best national grants, services, and loans for homebuyers for the first time, which will … Read the article

bank examiner

Getting Help With Your Bank

There may come a time when you need help with your bank and how they conduct business. That means it’s time to contact the OCC…

The OCC, or Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, functions as the last word when it comes to chartering, regulating, and supervising national banks … Read the article

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