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How You Should Invest A Small Inheritance

Once you know what to do with the money from an inheritance (and you also know the steps to follow) the procedures, and necessary paperwork -especially the impact of the inheritance tax – you should be well on the way of knowing how to invest this money if you decide … Read the article

Fed Promises Framework To Control Inflation

A new strategic plan to control inflation has been announced, with the U.S Federal Reserve introducing a controversial framework for regulating and controlling monetary policies.

Last month, the Fed introduced an unconventional plan – raising the rate of inflation.

The move was undertaken to make sure more jobs are created.… Read the article

robot investor

Should You Let a Robot Invest Your Money

The use of robotic financial managers, popularly known as Robo-advisors, saw a participation surge in the first quarter of 2020 and have gone on to become a predominant feature of the economy since then. They provide guidance to people looking for virtual, cheap advice on investment and low-cost financial advice.… Read the article

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