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robot investor

Should You Let a Robot Invest Your Money

The use of robotic financial managers, popularly known as Robo-advisors, saw an uptick during the first quarter of 2020 and are now an entrenched feature of the economy. These AI-driven tools provide guidance to people looking for virtual and relatively inexpensive advice on investment.

As the number of online Robo-advisors … Read the article

The Best Financial Advice Sites for 2021

Managing personal finances is essential for moving forward on the path to keeping out of debilitating debt, building ongoing wealth, counting on a comfortable retirement, and discovering tools such as life insurance to protect ensure your legacy. But it’s not nearly the formidable task it appears if you take advantage of … Read the article

gamestop stock mania

Gamestop Gambit

Lots of amateur investors are trying to get their hands on a share of GameStop (GME) today, and you probably already know.

But do you really understand the Gamestop hype?

No, you do not, and that’s not a bad thing.

The core of the story is that a bunch of … Read the article

used car financing

How To Win When You Buy A Car

You can save a sack of cash when you look for auto financing if you follow a few simple rules. You start by knowing your credit score and understanding how loan offers work through dealerships and for vehicles you buy through private sellers. The basic rules are that you should … Read the article

how does a credit card work

How Do Credit Cards Really Work?

How do credit cards work?
A credit card may be just a piece of plastic that you can use to pay for things, but there’s more to the story. If you’re new to credit cards, it’s important to understand not just what they are, but how they work.

When you … Read the article


This Is How to Understand Your Credit Report

In financial terms, your credit history is essentially a query which reveals how a person spends money, expenditures and it documents how debts are incurred an to who those debts are owed.

Potential employers and money lenders can use your credit report to ascertain if you’d be an acceptable risk … Read the article

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