We Help Financial
Companies Grow

At Banks Best Rates, we’re committed to providing our clients, financial professionals and consumers with the ultimate resource for success by offering the most educational and informative financial data platform in the world.

We offer a set of tools you need as business people and consumers to make the best independently informed decisions to guide you toward a successful financial future.

By providing the only network that serves both consumers and lenders to reach common goals, we help lenders reach larger audiences in a more professional and cost effective way.

We help consumers to select critical options and allow them to choose from the best educational experiences by engaging them with our informative daily content and finance calculation tools.

Who We Serve

Mortgage Lenders
Our secure database will increase your leads by providing insight to your business. No matter your budget, we'll help every lender to reach the ideal potential customer base.

Banks and Credit Unions
Compete with the biggest banks in the industry. We strive to ensure that your bank gets the same attention from customers in your markets as the large corporate banks.

We help consumers to select critical options and allow them to choose from the best educational experiences by engaging them with our informative daily content and finance calculation tools.

Marketing and SEO

Rapid changes in the way Search Engine Optimization for banks has evolved means your strategy has become vital to close the circle of your critical marketing channels.

It comes down to this: where your bank appears in a Google search is everything when it comes to your visibility to clients and partners. Though some “marketing experts” will tell you that SEO for banks and credit unions in no longer important, they are wrong.

SEO is an essential component of your overall digital business strategy, and while SEO may not entirely replace direct advertising, it will drive your growth.

This is a simple fact. An average internet user tends to scroll right past your Google advertising and the reality is that “organic search results” are viewed as more trustworthy and bring in just fewer than 90% of clickthroughs when compared to paid search results.

The cornerstone to keyword optimization that drives traffic to your site is understanding what your potential clients and customers are looking for in their searches. Finding those opportunities takes in-depth keyword research and above all, experience.

That’s what we do at Banks Best Rates. And we’re experts in the field.

No Advertising Fees
While it’s possible to earn impressive ROI results with Google Ads - up to $8 for each $1 spent - that sort of success requires a commitment to an ad strategy and constant Google Ads campaign management efforts.

Consumer Focus
Our platform is attractive to consumers who wish to analyze their specific financial institutions in depth, and those are precisely the clients you want. As they sift through an overload of information, rates and product offerings, Banks Best Rates helps consumers check an institution’s stability and research locations and branches.

SEO and Digital Marketing
To drive your growth, we stitch together the enormous array of online tools to help potential clients and customers easily find out where you are located - and how to easily reach and contact your critical team members.

Web Design

A system that can update tagging, add and edit high quality content, present professionally crafted offers and uses visual elements to drive user action is a function of design. An effective UX - built for and incorporating SEO - uses content, properly configured images and trustworthy calls to action to help your business fight the uphill battle against heavily funded competitors.

Do you understand the importance of long-tail keywords that target the potential client who need the services your bank or credit union offers? We do. Relevance and adaptability are the keys to keeping you competitive in this rapidly changing economy and making certain you’re a player in the ongoing digital conversation.

Digital Marketing for
Banks and Credit Unions

If you hope to compete with the biggest banks and credit unions in the industry, you need to capture the attention of a fast-moving and informed customer base.

Banks Best Rates can ensure that your bank or credit union reaches clients and customers in your area to keep you on an even footing with the large corporate banks.

We help you make each prospect count by managing and delivering every lead from every referral source. We do it by prioritizing your leads based on lead source, status, and loan characteristics.

Our team help you connect to your new leads faster and make certain that you stay connected to your existing leads until they become clients.

Our advanced administrative reporting tools allow for comparing the performance of your loan officers and lead sources to help them succeed.